Sporting activity at J.N.N Vidyallaya forms an inseparable part of student life. Apart from boosting essential physical activity and exercise, it gives them the joy of participation, thrill of competing and opportunity for leadership and team spirit. All-embracing infrastructure has been made available for the convenience of our students who wish to participate in any sporting event. In fact, every student takes part in one sport or the other and extensive coaching is given for them to acquire proficiency in the game of their choice.

Students are segregated into four houses namely Alphard House, Canopus House, Diadem House and Plasma House. Intra-mural games and sports are conducted to promote healthy competitions among the four houses where the adrenaline is gushed up as they take part in all events energetically. The annual Sports Day is always a star-studded event in the annals of J.N.N Vidyallaya where the champions of our school look forward to celebrate their achievements.

Students are also encouraged to take part in inter-school competitions and staff members are delegated to guide and accompany the teams for tournaments at the District, State and National levels. It is a matter of pride that J.N.N Vidyallaya students regularly emerge victorious in several events such as skating, table tennis, athletics etc.

To hone the sporting skills of J.N.N Vidyallaya champs, specialized coaching is offered in various sports, games and martial arts such as Athletics, Table Tennis, Cricket, Football, Chess, Skating, Yoga, Silambam, Volleyball etc.