School Approach


  • Draws on the learner's strengths and interests
  • Material and resources are drawn from and connected to the real world


  • Fosters participation and collaboration
  • Allows the learner to deal intelligently with the real world


  • Provides opportunities to learn through discovery
  • Identifies learner as a valuable creator, thinker and problem solver
  • Includes the learner in the development of lessons and assessment process


  • Provides the learner an opportunity to acquire knowledge in a more holistic way
  • Builds on a variety of disciplines and learning environments
  • Relates to the past and future

Process Focused

  • Subjects are taught as ways of thinking
  • Rests on Intelligent Behaviours
  • Applies thinking models and diverse startegies
  • Supports effective questioning
  • Develops communication capacity
  • Aids concept development


  • Teaches national and global consciousness