Smart Boards / Interactive Classroom

The core concept of Interactive Classroom Cloud is covered using multimedia, including animations and video that goes beyond the teaching- learning environment in schools. This helps learners visualize abstract concepts, and adds a visual element to learning, which enhances retention. The tool is an Age Appropriate Instructional Design that relates to learners of all ages and enables them to learn appropriately.

This solution completely adheres to the NCERT syllabus prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Interactive Classroom Cloud provides students and teachers with plurality of content, as recommended by NCF 2005.

Benefits of Smart Boards & Interactive Classroom

  • Access to Online Resources: Today’s students are curious to know about everything and the Internet plays a major role in learning process. In a Interactive Classroom, the teacher can use resources available on the internet for the better understanding of the students.
  • Ease of understanding: There are topics in the curriculum which can be difficult to understand. They cannot be just taught using a chalk and blackboard. They require an interactive teaching approach.
  • Makes learning enjoyable: Usage of smart technology makes the classroom and fun room. The class becomes interesting and enjoyable for the students and makes learning a fun process.
  • Improves academic performance: The understanding ability in the students studying in a smart classroom is way more than other students. The topic becomes clearer and the base of the subject becomes stronger. Obviously, the students better hold of the subject and with strong basic knowledge of the subject will do well in academics.