NIIT English Plus Language Lab

NIIT English Plus Language Lab is a platform where comprehensive and interactive digital content catering to the listening and speaking skills, is put to use in a stimulating lab environment.

It progresses through 8 levels of advancement. Each module comprises of 40 hours of intense language training, alternating between ILT (Instructor Led Training) and CBT (Computer Based Training) sessions.

The course encompasses:

  • Enhancement of spoken English skills
  • Practising English using everyday scenarios
  • Acquisition of vocabulary through integrated learning
  • Pronunciation practice using phonetics
  • Gradual upgradation of English language skills through a structured program
  • An upgrade in language skills from A1 to C2 level of CEFR over 8 module course
  • Integrated functional grammar
  • Extensive listening and speaking practice
  • Fun-filled method of lesson delivery
  • In accordance with the needs of CBSE

Focus on enhancing spoken English skills by practicing everyday scenarios and improving pronunciation using phonetics.

English Lab Icons

  • Self-paced practice during CBT sessions
  • A fun-filled learning environment
  • Rich audio-video content
  • Progressive, systematic lesson plans and modules
  • Customised activities for learners
  • Flash cards and Web Portal
  • Learning facilitates through day to day scenarios